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8:40am 03-22-2013
Hi guys,

website looking great! just a note, Paddocks has a "k" in it on the facilities page... but otherwise it's a really good looking site... shows off the yard to the max! good luck in the future all
Replied on: 7:39pm 03-22-2013

<webmaster> thank you for the note. busy correcting the mistake

10:21pm 03-21-2013
Hi Trevor, Nush, and the team off fantastic grooms.
When I first came to ride and do my riding instructors
It was hard work, dedication, blood sweat and tears.
Where I am today I can only thank you lovely people.

You are number 1!! And no one else will ever be able to beat that!!
You have grown each time I come and visit and say how are you all doing.
Equestrian international you always do your best and succeed.
No matter what others bicker about you.
They don't know any better.
And they will never know what hard work you have put in to get this far and you are still
Top of the class!

Well I look forward to seeing you all in September!!
I'm working my butt off Trev and loving every minute off it.

A big thank you again to you all.

Big hug and lots of love!!

Nikki from London Devon UK
9:25pm 03-21-2013
feel free to write a message for Trevor he views this with me on a regular basis. (messages reviewed for content so dont be rude) roeleen
11:16pm 01-14-2013
Great web site and lovely yard
2:58am 11-23-2012
Hi Trevor,
I couldn't believe it when I came across this website. You probably won't remember me but I worked at your stables one summer way back in the mid 70's. Glad to hear you've done so well.
Kind regards,
Rosie Cook from Scotland.
1:56pm 07-30-2012
kayleigh stead
hey guys well done at the show and well done to kayz for doing well and i love the shows you guys host they are so much fun love kayleigh
7:02pm 07-24-2012
Caitlin hall ( cait)
I know I am not a rider but I just wanted to say well done to the ppl who did the school show on sunday . I bet all of u did well. And well done kayz for doing Sooo well and jackpot !!!!!

From caitlin hall michaela holland's friend !!!!
12:55pm 07-09-2012

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against Christine and the manner she is treating fellow stablers. Numerous complaints are discussed amongst stablers in the way she is treating them. I, however, witness just two instances of her rudeness.

She is utterly rude and disrespectful, never listen to reason or explanation, continually interrupts and raise her voice.

I disagree with the statement on the website that she is always ready with a smile – this statement is false.

I sincerely hope that she will learn that being part of an entity for a period of time, does not earn you the right to be “bossy”.

This is a nasty issue and I, amongst others trust that it will be taken up as serious. The world doesn’t owe her anything. Please try to be polite, it is free.
5:41pm 06-29-2012
Michaela Holland
Hey guys I just want to say good luck to all Equestrian riders that are going to SA championships!!And well done Nush for getting so far in the world championship!!I am willing to spend many more years with you guys!!Trev we now know why you are such a legend in all are an Amazing Insructor!!Thank you for being there for Us!!Thank you for everything!!thank you For all your advice,kindness and accestince!!!love Michaela and jackpot!!best wishes to all
12:26am 05-11-2012
Hey Trevor
its been a while hope you well.
best wishes
4:01pm 04-13-2012
We have never met such an honest, professional, characterfull and caring person in the Equestrian Industry as Mr. Trevor Lovgren!!! Trevor, thank you for your kindness, advice and assistance towards Brigitte and us at the 2012 Easter Festival. We now know why you are such a legend and we are looking forward to spend many happy years at Equestrian International. Love. The Snyman family
7:51am 09-01-2011
Dear Trevor, Anuschka, Christine and all my fellow stablers and friends at Equestrian International.

i have now been stabling with equestrian international for almost a full year. it has been a roller coaster of fun and happiness! it just gets higher higher and higher in joy.
Now that i have Branic Always 1 standing at the yard it is fun to join the lessons. as you said trevor i have now taken my riding off pause.
all my horses are happy. our grooms especially Vusi our seniour work rider and also our Stable Manager and Senior Instructor Anuschka has made my life so easy.
thank you so much. one day when i am old and in a wheel chair sitting on a old age home stoep, i will remember the days at equestrian International as the days of fun and happiness

all my love and thank you

Roeleen and Branic's Always One R and also our dear Baleka who is back on the race track xxxxx
12:18pm 07-05-2011
What awesome memories I have of you Trev and Nush, looking back I can honestly say some of the best of my childhood! Funny how you only really appreciate things when your older - not that I'm old or anything You guys deserve all the success you've had over the years and wishing you many many more
Wishing you all the best

Keisha (Rega) Miles
1:32pm 06-24-2011
Just a short note so say a huge thank you to anushka and vusi for coming to our ag show in east london you guys are awsome and i extend my thank you to nush for all her effort in coming down to us when you can to teach and guide us in such a special manor that you have become a "awsome role modle" to many of our riders young and old, you have opened doors for alot of people.

We would love to meet you all at equestrian international one day>>
The fine example we have had the chance to meet and know makes the wait to meet you all more exciting
A last big thanks and bless you all

Love all of us in east london
12:05pm 05-17-2011
nushi lovgren
and meryke stop making me cry!!!!!
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